Initial Consultation Appointment:

Complimentary 1/2 hour consultation to review relevant medical history, discuss goals, and tailor services for your specific needs and goals. A primary focus is to see if our personalities are a good fit!


Fitness Coaching- studio ($60/hr)

  • 1-hour sessions on site at the studio; customized workouts to meet your fitness goals!

Fitness Coaching- in home ($75/hr)

  • 1-hour sessions in your own home; customized workouts to meet your fitness goals!

Small Group Training (2-4 people) 

  • $60/hr, plus $10 each additional person

Remote Coaching: ($6.25/week)

  • Goal Setting/Accountability/Motivation
  • Introduction and monitoring progress with the use of digital aids for food/activity logging
  • Researched topics relevant to your goals
  • Support via text, email and phone


Kitchen Re-set: ($60/hr)

  • Re-organization of the kitchen to get rid of foods that may be inhibiting your progress
  • Restructuring to make healthy foods more readily available and accessible
  • Utilizing existing foods into your healthy goals
  • Reviewing basic nutrition for you and your family
  • Discuss meal planning strategies to make healthy meals and maximize your budget


Nutritional Education: ($25/month)

  • Learning skills surrounding healthy eating that are best for you and your family
  • Healthy recipe suggestions
  • Recommendations based on relevant research directed toward your personal goals


Mountain Workouts: ($12/session)

  • 1 hour workout on local trail
  • Hiking/body weight exercises
  • Recovery snack provided