Client Testimonials

 “I want to start this review by thanking Jessica for all that she’s done for me since we started working together to improve my fitness and enhance my strength. Within weeks of working with Jessica I could see improved muscle definition and an increase in strength. She has helped me to identify weaker muscle groups and we’ve been working together to strengthen those areas. I realized my biggest gain from working with her when I far surpassed my expectations on a challenging mountain bike trail this summer and I could see that my training with her had really paid off. Jessica is an excellent trainer to work with whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your game or simply starting to get back in shape. As a naturopathic doctor, I appreciate all that she has to offer in helping people at any level reach their health and fitness goals and I recommend her to all of  my patients.”

-Charlotte M.

“Jessica was recommended to me by the folks I see for Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments in the fall of 2013. At that time, I was struggling with substantial weight loss, healing a broken heart and some challenging food intolerances. Jess was part of the awesome team that helped me get strong and feel good again. I have worked with trainers in the past, but none that are truly invested in more support than just during training sessions. She helped with meal plans and helped me develop plans for outside of our time to stay on track. Our sessions are just as much fun as they are work. I trust her guidance and knowledge immensely and often ask for advice when making health decisions. Jess has been hugely instrumental in helping me get things back on track.”
-Christina B.

“I’ve been working out with Jessica for about 9 months now and absolutely love the results. I’ve always struggled with my weight and after having my second son I realized it was even harder to get the weight off. I figured I needed to build muscle with the cardio I was doing at the time but I didn’t have the modivation or education with weight lifting so I knew I needed help. I found jessica online and I’m so happy with the results that she is a part of my workout schedule 3 days a week. I am 32 yrs old and have never been in better shape. I’ve played hockey since I was a teenager and I have never had so much endurance when I’m skating.  Jessica has kept me going with her positive, uplifting attitude. She is very knowledgeable, being able to answer any questions I have about food, vitamins and body function. She really cares and I’m so glad I found her.”


-Mandi R.

“Encouragement for all those working Moms out there:

I have been working with Jessica since early February 2014.  I am a busy professional and Mom in my early 40’s and working out seemed impossible to incorporate into my schedule.  One day I was having lunch with colleagues and they both talked about the weight training they were doing with their personal trainers.  I had heard before how weight training is extremely beneficial- especially for women and especially when you are in your 40’s. Shortly after that lunch, I looked online for a trainer in Bozeman and came up with Jessica’s New Leaf; I loved her “healthstyle” approach.

We quickly got busy and I created a schedule where I work with her Monday evenings and Wednesday mid-mornings.  This turns out to be a good balance where I give up a little family time and a little work time; neither my family nor my work are greatly impacted but the time I now devote to myself is a huge impact to me!

It wasn’t long before the dreaded cardio requirement became an important aspect of my healthstyle.  I knew I could not justify the expense of a gym on top of personal training and I don’t have home equipment. I reluctantly turned to running because it is inexpensive, you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t take much time.  I am not a runner.  I hate it, always have.  I have flat feet for goodness sake!

Jessica helped coach me by starting slow and building up at a reasonable level.  I was able to beat my goal time for the Sweet Pea 5K and she met me at the finish; she was a tremendous motivator and cheerleader for me as I found my running self.  I actually like to run now; I do it on vacation and business trips, I do it for stress relief, I do it to get outside, I’ve even purchased running magazines at airports for leisure reading! To be honest though, I don’t run in bad weather.I’m not THAT into it.  My running season in Montana pretty much corresponds with daylight savings time.

Nevertheless, Jessica continues to push and challenge me during weight training sessions and she gently prods me to keep up with my cardio which is mostly downhill skiing (cross country if snow is decent) and dog walking in the winter.  Downhill was a thrill this season because my body was so much stronger (legs, arms) and nothing “jiggled” as I cruised down the slopes. First time ever!

Today, my fitness is in check.  My cholesterol, which was bordering on “we might need to do something,” dropped something like 60 or 70 points in a year and my doctor was totally amazed!  My blood pressure was not high before but now it’s practically at an athlete’s level (or, barely alive as Jess says). My body makeup is totally changed but, frustratingly, the scale has not moved a great deal.  In fact, I received a compliment from someone who hadn’t seen me in a while that I looked amazing (yes, “amazing”)and asked if I had lost weight to which I responded, “not really” and then proceeded to show off my biceps!  Jessica reminded me that a pound of feathers takes up a lot more volume than a pound of bricks.  With that wisdom, I decided the scale can go to he** I don’t use it anymore, at all. 

Another bonus to weight training is increased metabolism which is a really good thing!  Jessica is a great eater and I love her for it.  I, on the other hand, tend to eat what sounds good to me-it might be uber healthy one day and less so the next but I keep portions in check and generally try to round out my nutritional intake.  She keeps encouraging me and I’m slowly making changes.  It takes a ton of time and effort to meal plan no matter how many tricks or gadgets you have.  I don’t beat myself up for it; I take her encouragement and get better as I go.

Not to go unmentioned, is that my time with Jessica is just as much mental therapy as physical.  I can talk to her about anything silly or serious.  I have found that this outlet is very therapeutic when you have a lot rattling around in your brain and need to let it out to someone who is willing to listen, wise beyond her years, caring and not judging.  We have had such a great time together that my journey to healthstyle has been more fun than it should be!

I’m not perfect but I am a mean pound of bricks who can do some serious wall sits and planks; fit and having fun.  Thanks to Jessica for that!” 

-Holli S.

“When I first decided to call Jess, I was at my all-time heaviest.  A friend of mine had been working with her and I had seen great results.  I decided that it was time to stop complaining and take action.

Although I was excited and determined to make a change, picking up the phone to tell her I needed help was nerve racking.  I don’t like to admit when I need help.  I typically just try to figure it out on my own.  But this time ultimately I knew I couldn’t do it alone.  Our initial meeting was very easy and non-threatening.  We sat down, she asked me what I wanted and needed help with and we were off!

When we started and took initial measurements, I was in the “poor” category of every measurement.  I was upset at myself, but she just told me that “everyone starts somewhere.”  From that moment I began making changes, not just by getting workouts in, but in my eating habits and entire lifestyle.  In the 5 months we have been working out, I have lost 30 pounds, hiked trails I haven’t hiked in years, ran my first 5k and my first 10k!  My next goal is a half marathon, and I know I’ll be able to accomplish it.  None of this would have been possible without her help!

This lifestyle changes have been much easier to implement than I ever imagined.  Logging my food is now a habit, not a chore.   I also now look forward to a workout; whether for the health benefits, or just to clear my head.  My family has taken part too!  We regularly take evening walks or bike rides.  My 5 year old has hiked the M, and Sypes Canyon by himself!

If anyone is out there is looking for a change in their life, whether it be weight loss, training for a race, or just a change in their normal routine, call her!  You won’t be disappointed. ”

-C.J. M

“When I started working out with Jessica I weighed 210lbs and was on the fringe of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I guess in many ways this kick started my weight loss journey. I spent two full days looking for an affordable personal trainer. I was a college student and was very limited on how much I could spend. On the flip side I made a conscious decision that I needed to start investing in my health and my future. I found Jessica at the end of the second day and contacted her as soon as possible to begin my weight loss journey and to a healthier me.
During the year and a half working out with Jessica, I originally had grand ideas of being a size 8 in jeans and dresses and a size medium in shirts. I was hoping to only weigh 140 lbs. While working out with Jessica my confidence grew, I got out of a bad relationship, and shed the pounds. At first I was intimidated by Jessica because she is fit and a tiny little thing to be honest, however that changed as soon as she started talking. At the end of our first meeting she gave me hug and its set a precedence for our relationship that day forward. I thought Jessica would be a hard ass and work me like Gillian from the Biggest Loser. She does sort of but never did I feel like she was going to make me cry or throw up, she DID PUSH ME AND CHALLENGE me throughout our work outs but I felt stronger and was able to push right back. Jessica taught me how to meal plan and eat clean and gave me the tools to work out daily and to ultimately take care of myself. Working out with Jessica made me into a healthier, more balanced individual. College was ROUGH! Jessica was there for me to help get me through the rough times by working out. One thing that Jessica changed/impacted in my lifestyle…. That’s tough to say because she changed everything for me. I’m extremely happy with the results, I did not get down to 140lbs (haven’t given up either!) but I did get to a healthier weight  (MY HIGH SCHOOL WEIGHT!!!). I’ve lost several pant sizes and shirt sizes. I feel so much better and I feel the need to work out if I haven’t gone for awhile. For most of my free time pre-Jessica I was sleeping or watching T.V. no I am more active I go fishing and hiking with my dog, I strength train twice a week to get my crazies out and go on walks daily. I’m getting back into running as the weather is warming up and I’m in the middle of planning my wedding!!!!
Here are a few pictures. One is pre-Jessica and the rest from after working out with you and the ability to maintain my weight loss. “
-Adrienne E. 3/2015