Initial Consultation Appointment:

Complimentary 1/2 hour consultation to review relevant medical history, discuss goals, and tailor services for your specific needs and goals. A primary focus is to see if our personalities are a good fit!

Fitness Coaching- studio ($95/hr)

  • 1-hour sessions onsite in my independent fitness studio. Sessions tailored to your goals; incorporating mobility, strength, flexibility and functional movement.
  • Fitness assessment and re-assessments monthly
  • Personalized nutrition and health coaching

Small Group Training, outdoor *weather permitting* (groups of 3+)

  • $95/hr, plus $10 each additional person

Remote Nutrition and Wellness coaching: ($95/month)

  • Goal Setting/Accountability/Motivation for health and wellness goals
  • Weekly 15 minute check in
  • Introduction and monitoring progress with the use of digital aids for food/activity logging/checklists personalized for your goals
  • Expert advice and researched topics relevant to your goals
  • Real-time support via text and email